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Post-trade technology

Providing cloud-ready, capital markets automation.

Financial markets are evolving rapidly, and pressure continues to build on sell-side firms to do more with less. At the same time, new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are transforming the industry. These solutions will enable industry-leading firms to prosper.

Yet most post-trade systems were developed over 30 years ago and are not suited to today’s environment.

FNZ can help your organization implement highly automated, scalable post-trade operations.

Flexibility and scale are more important than ever

In addition to commercial and legacy technology challenges, firms are contending with:

  • Regulatory divergence – complexities must be streamlined to manage different regulatory regimes around the globe

  • Buy-side purchasing power – competition amongst brokers is increasing as digitization provides better execution

  • Transparency and data security – permissioned access to data is crucial to protect confidential and valuable information

  • Client centricity – On-demand access to end-client information is now expected, with the ability to self-serve as desired

  • Financial market infrastructure changes – new clearing and settlement regimes and interfaces are adding to the complexity

FNZ can help with proprietary post-trade technology, a comprehensive capital markets offering that includes middle and back office processing, clearing, and settlement.

Introducing Syn~

We can help with our flexible, scalable, and cloud-enabled Syn~ platform. FNZ’s Syn~ suite automates middle and back-office trade processing for banks, brokers, and custodians across allocations to settlement and asset servicing.

Each solution in the suite can be used as a standalone product, or they can be fully integrated, regionally, globally, and by entity.

Syn~TAC highly automated middle office processing

Syn~TAC processes trades up to the point of clearing across multiple asset classes. Its powerful automation features minimize manual processes and errors, streamlining your operations and improving client service.

The cloud-based platform features intelligent tools to manage exceptions, correct errors, and enrich trades with settlement and reporting information. It enables you to achieve trading and backoffice system independence by consolidating your middle-office processing onto a single instance. Syn~TAC is T+1 ready.

Syn~Ops and Syn~Ops Custody: Efficient global settlements and asset servicing

Syn~Ops allows you to focus on delivering exceptional client service. It enables you to reduce operational overheads and costs by efficiently processing global settlements workflow including integrated corporate actions, financing, and position keeping capabilities.

Syn~Ops supports multiple asset types, currencies, and settlement connectivity allowing you to consolidate global settlements and back-office processing on a single platform.

Syn~Finance: Flexible securities accounting and reporting

Syn~Finance transforms financial operations across global markets and asset classes, reducing your costs and allowing you to meet complex accounting scenarios. It enables you to translate real-time trading activity into ledger accounting entries, while drilling down into business data for a complete audit trail and transparency.

The platform supports multiple ledgers, currencies, and accounting standards, allowing you to consolidate disparate data sources into a global ledger for ease of reporting.

Syn~FTT: Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) processing

Syn~FTT is a cloud-based, highly customizable, purpose-built solution to streamline the calculation, reporting, and payment of FTTs.

It offers unmatched transparency, straight-through processing, and features configurable netting rules to enable tax optimization and automated payment of client rebates, without requiring coding or vendor support.

Syn~FTT removes the need for high-risk manual processes and duplication of effort, by providing accurate tax assessment, optimization, and declaration across business lines, asset classes, and regions.

It manages all FTT obligations in a single system via a fully audited platform, enabling on-time reporting across jurisdictions, while remaining compliant by paying the correct tax in the first instance and ensuring readiness for future regulatory changes.


Press release

UBS Australia migrates post-trade operations

FNZ worked with UBS Australia to deploy end-to-end processing across multiple asset classes in markets around the globe. The migration to our market leading system Syn~Ops provides UBS with numerous operational improvements including increased transparency and accessibility.

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