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We are wealth’s growth platform

  • Complexity adds friction to your business

    To deliver value to advisors and end investors, you manage a lot of complexity. You need integrated functionality to personalize, innovate, monitor, and reduce costs.

    • Know Your Customer

    • Financial Planning

    • Performance & Rebalancing

    • Accounting & Reporting

    • Trade Execution

    • Custody & Clearing

    • Investment Admin

    • Business Processing

    • Infrastructure

    • Regulatory Compliance

  • We remove friction

    We hide this complexity from our customers, reducing friction and cost by integrating technology, business process operations, and custody – all delivered in an end-to-end wealth management platform that is regulated by region, and connected to a universe of investment products.

    • Personalize and accelerate differentiation of the brand experience

    • Scale and operationalize tasks that can be automated

    • Connect to a universe of investment products to empower investors

Why end-to-end matters

In conversation with Bloomberg, Adrian Durham explains how FNZ uses “extreme automation” to help our customers focus on what matters most.

Listen to the full interview to hear more from our CEO about how FNZ delivers frictionless wealth management through our end-to-end platform.

Access a universe of investment products

The FNZ platform integrates a universe of investment products from the biggest names in the industry. We also have a model marketplace where you can create and host your own proprietary models, or access third-party managed accounts.

  • Shares

  • Options

  • Futures

  • Mutual Funds

  • ETFs

  • Fixed Income

  • Alternatives

  • Model Marketplace

Want to go deeper?

D2C, advisor platform, ESG integration Aviva SQUARE Crop

Success Story

Advisor, D2C, ESG with Aviva

Aviva worked with FNZ to develop and integrate a customer-centric experience in an accelerated nine-month deployment. The company then worked with FNZ on and advised platform and an award-winning sustainable investing integration.

Partnering for scale SQUARE 2


Partnering for scale

FNZ collaborated with BCG to uncover insights for wealth and asset managers who are looking for ways to accelerate digital transformations, bringing more of what advisors and end-investors want to the table – all in the most cost-efficient way.

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