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Onboarding for personalization

Our platform has embedded functionality that helps customers combine digital and physical interactions to create personalized investor onboarding.

We can streamline straightforward processes, like opening an account for individuals or small enterprises. We can also improve more sophisticated situations, like onboarding trusts or financial services institutions.

Modernize key moments

0.5 minutes

average end-investor onboarding

0.5 minutes

average advisor onboarding

Many current investor onboarding processes still involve lengthy forms, cumbersome logins, and paper documents. All of these lead to dissatisfaction and journey drop off.

We help you offer completely digital self-onboarding, so end-investors can open new accounts in minutes, directly from your website, across any device. All determined by an experience you design and control.

Data source: FNZ Platform analysis 2023

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Engage end-investors when they want, in the channel they prefer, with zero wait-time after signup. Leverage paperless processing with automated Know Your Customer (KYC) questionnaires, tailored product recommendations, simplified data gathering, e-signature, and online identification.

Providing a digital, streamlined experience helps improve end-investor and advisor connection, meet end investor expectations, scale high volume business, and manage complex regulatory requirements

Scale the KYC process

0 seconds

customer identify verification


government-issued photo IDs recognized


countries and territories covered in 138 languages

If a customer desires, our eKYC® process can be 100% automated, with investor identity verification in just 35 seconds. The system has robust security and is Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant, providing a safe and secure approach to identity verification at scale.

Our identity verification process requires only one government-issued ID and a selfie.

With a seamless user experience, designed to eliminate drop-offs, we help ensure end-investor satisfaction and reliability for your growth demands.

Data source: FNZ Platform analysis 2022-23

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Success story

Harmonizing onboarding globally

LGT has grown from a regional bank to an international private bank with more than twenty locations worldwide. LGT partnered with FNZ’s onboarding team to create a completely digital and integrated onboarding system.

Investor expectations for digital are rising SQUARE


Investor expectations for digital are rising

A shift to digital onboarding is having a dramatic impact on the industry economics, but there is still much to improve.

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