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Transition for best-in-class outcomes

We follow an onboarding and transition process with our customers that focuses on bringing our customers' value propositions to life. The customer's vision for differentiation is enabled by our continuous product evolution and experience. This process has been developed over many years of successful implementations which use our extensive out-of-the-box capabilities and features to simplify and de-risk the transition onto FNZ.

We have worked with many large-scale customers, involving both re-platforming and data migration. Once it's time to execute, we rely on a standardized transition approach. ​Data is critical in most transitions, so we have a repeatable, scalable, and audit-driven migration approach. Our migration framework is underpinned by an automated FNZ engine, which includes built-in unit and data integrity tests. Our customers are partners in the approach and receive continual reporting during the entire process.

Flexible where it matters

We remove flexibility where it doesn‘t matter and enhance flexibility where it delivers a customer benefit.

This sounds simple and intuitive, but our experience helps identify the boundaries of those parameters. In addition, we have an end-to-end Managed Transformation Service, which often involves working with delivery partners to provide independent assurance. We are continually improving the process based on experience. ​

Quilter Tech transformation without missing square

Success story

Tech transformation without missing a beat

Quilter, a leading provider of advice, investments and wealth management in the United Kingdom, wanted to modernize and transform their wealth management platform. Safe and successful asset and data migration was paramount as they considered options. Quilter’s advisers needed to know that their end clients’ experience would be seamless in the transition.

The Race for Scale SQUARE


The race for scale

How the wealth industry’s supply chain is evolving to deliver personalized wealth management at massive scale.

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