Wealth managers and private banks today require viable and long-term solutions as they deal with challenges such as increased client demands, an ever-changing regulatory environment, and the problem of maintaining profitability. Moreover, companies in the wealth management space are under significant pressure to adapt and scale offerings to clients but are constrained by legacy technology.

Collaborating with FNZ - a global wealth management platform - helps wealth management companies enhance compliance, technology, data, innovation capabilities, operational flexibility, scalability, and time to market.

We equip wealth companies with the tools to innovate, the expertise to stay compliant with regulations and the strategic partnership to scale at lower cost,” says Philippe Bongrand -Managing Director at FNZ Switzerland and Private Banking.

FNZ is transforming the industry and aims to open-up wealth by making wealth management more transparent, fair, and inclusive with its full-service, end-to-end wealth platform. By combining state-of-the-art infrastructure, investment operations, and technology into a single platform, FNZ empowers wealth managers to deliver specialized services and cutting-edge wealth products quickly.  In addition, the company has a global regulatory change team working 24/7 to ensure clients remain compliant at all times.

By making wealth more accessible, the company’s best-in-class service and customizable digital capabilities enable the industry to grow. The company’s technology is designed to deliver the broadest end-to-end range of capabilities as it integrates all front-to-back office operations into a single platform that’s continuously evolving and is consumable as-a-service.

The platform fully integrates with the larger ecosystem of apps and services for wealth management, making it simple to develop, launch, and optimize new propositions on FNZ. Additionally, the platform also offers 24/7 technical support as well as customer service.

FNZ manages all investment and trading operations with the highest levels of automation and accuracy such that clients can focus on their core activities. The company’s cloud-native tech infrastructure is designed with robust control frameworks deemed fit for wealth management’s risk culture. By combining global infrastructure with local solutions and hosting data in-country or in-region, availability across all services is ensured. As a result of its in-depth and easy-to-use interfaces that help clients build engaging digital experiences, FNZ works with trusted institutions across wealth’s value chain. The company has collaborated with major wealth management brands, including AVIVA, Barclays, and Vanguard. To allow over 20 million people from all wealth sectors, including savings and retirement, affluent, and ultra/high-net-worth, to develop wealth through long-term investment, FNZ today collaborates with over 650 financial institutions and over 8,000 wealth management companies.

Moreover, as part of its growth initiatives, FNZ recently acquired New Access - a global platform provider specialized in the private banking and wealth management sectors - and Swiss tech innovator Appway, to focus on enhancing its innovative full-service, end-to-end wealth management platform.

Following many customer successes, FNZ also seeks to expand its footprint in the global wealth centers of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg as a result of these acquisitions. Building on its collaborations and acquisitions, FNZ today administers more than US$1.5 trillion in client assets for more than 20 million clients globally on its platform and has created significant scale efficiencies that are passed directly to its customers.