• FNZ’s new global family leave benefits package is available to all employees and recruits worldwide and marks a significant step forward in the industry.

  • Primary and secondary caregivers are each entitled to 26 weeks of fully paid parental leave – including if both work at FNZ.

  • Employees are also entitled to up to eight weeks of fully paid bereavement leave, and up to two weeks emergency care leave per year.

  • With 5,000+ employees across 30+ global locations, the new benefits package is a clear demonstration of FNZ’s commitment to creating a culture for growth, and promoting an inclusive and diverse workforce across its global business.

6 March 2023: FNZ, the leading global wealth management platform, is delighted to announce the launch of a transformative global family leave benefits package for all employees and new recruits.

The new package, available to all of FNZ’s 5,000+ employees worldwide, is a significant step forward for the industry and sets the standard at a global level. The new package is also a strong demonstration of FNZ’s commitment to its culture and values, as it continues to support its employees and attract the very best talent to join its business.

FNZ has experienced exponential growth since its establishment in 2003. In the past five years alone, the company has increased its assets under administration from US$212 billion to over US$1.5 trillion, an impressive seven-fold growth. This success is attributable to the contribution of FNZ's dedicated employees, who have been instrumental in the company's expansion. In the last two years, FNZ has welcomed more than 2,000 colleagues worldwide through job creation and acquisition.

The announcement of this new package, which is a part of FNZ's Total Benefits Package, is a clear demonstration of the company's commitment to promoting an inclusive and diverse workforce across its global business. This commitment is further reflected in FNZ's continuous efforts to attract and build top talent through competitive financial rewards and significant career development opportunities.

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Employees are now eligible for 26 weeks of primary and secondary parental leave, regardless of gender, at 100% of their salary. This benefit is available within the first 18 months of birth or adoption and both the primary and secondary caregivers can claim this benefit, including if they are both employed by FNZ. Caregivers are defined as biological parents, adoptive parents, same sex parents, or parents through surrogacy. FNZ is also offering transitional support to employees currently on maternity benefit packages.

Employees are also able to take eight weeks of fully paid bereavement leave, dependent on the relationship of the employee to the deceased person, and up to two weeks of fully paid emergency care leave per year. This new benefit package is fully integrated with existing FNZ policies and local statutory benefits.

Renata Mrazova, FNZ Group Chief People Officer, said: “Preparing our employees for the future by empowering them to succeed and develop the right skills is paramount. It is our responsibility to provide our global employees with the support and freedom to enable them to grow their careers at FNZ throughout the different stages of their lives.”

This new benefits package is aimed at creating a level playing field for all our employees globally by supporting diversity and inclusion and ensuring that everyone can succeed equally regardless of gender. Employees should not have to make the difficult decision to prioritize between a career and supporting their families. Providing all of our colleagues with the ability to choose how they shape their futures is a big part of our culture.

Adrian Durham, FNZ Group CEO, added: “We are thrilled to introduce our new global family leave benefits package. FNZ’s ambition is to create a culture for growth, one that opens up limitless opportunities for our employees, customers, and the wider world.”

“In order to achieve these aspirations, we need to inspire our people, based on the premise that only engaged, dedicated and passioned employees can take care of our customers. We’re dedicated to attracting and developing the very best talent to our exciting, fast paced business – and this investment is a testament to our commitment to supporting our employees around the world.”

To learn more about FNZ’s employee value proposition, culture and global benefits package please visit FNZ Careers.